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“The prologue really captured my attention right away . . . I started reading the book on Thursday and couldn’t put it down until I finished it today. Highly recommended!”

—Amazon customer

“I am not big on fantasy and do not typically pick up these types of books. This actually kept my attention and was enjoyable to read. I actually picked up the book and read from cover to end in 2 days. If you enjoy mysterious, captivating, and suspenseful stories, this is for you.”

—Amazon Customer

About the Book

The Black Stone

Megan, a young girl, maliciously steals a rare stone and is visited by an elder who warns her of the powers which it holds and the peril she will face if she did not return the stone from where it was stolen. Stubbornly, Megan refuses and is ultimately transported through time into the body of a girl who was brutally murdered over a century prior. As Megan relives the horrors of events leading to the girl’s death she discovers that the stone is no ordinary stone and that it holds the spirit of the girl whose ashes were turned into the stone. Now, trapped in the past, Megan is besieged with darkness fueling the stone’s powers and blinding her to the truth that she must accept before she can return to her time. The spirit cannot rest as long as it is fueled by Megan’s anger and desire for revenge. “Vengeance, the elder cautions, “should not be desired by those who are just as guilty as the guilty.” But Megan’s insistence on given them what she believes they deserve blinds her from her truth and acknowledging her faults even as she faces the consequences of her wrath. Will she be able to humble herself and realize that the very thing her heart desires is the very thing which holds her captive or will she allow her rage to consume her in the past forever?

T.S. Thomas

About the Author

Attending the Institute for Children’s Literature allowed T.S. Thomas to hone her literary skills through writing fictional pieces. Her inclination toward mystery and fiction writing stemmed from her work as a poet, freelancer, and blogger. She gets her inspiration from her nightmares and unusual experiences.


Origin of the The Black Stone: Interview with Suzanne Harris


They say revenge is a dish best served cold. Karma is this revenge and she is my servant. She comes in the form of a stone, and it will be soon that she will serve me once more.

She could smell the singe of Ms. Powers’ flesh and could feel her own hands searching for pins to pop open the box. But what she could feel most were the audience’s blade-stinging eyes as the mystery of Ms. Powers’ death unraveled.

Megan jumped off Evans, watching him take his last breath. She did not blink an eye. No sorrow plagued her heart. No tears filled her eyes. Satisfied he stopped moving, she pulled him off Leah and climbed on top of her. “You!” she sneered. “He was mine!”

Inside the cabin, upon a small cot, lay thirteen-year-old Neilla, who had, less than an hour ago, taken her last breath. There was so much suffering before her release from her short life. Every moment, she flinched from the slight blow of the wind, and she could barely weep, for her strength faded quickly. Deprived of medical aid, her heart struggled to beat as tiny breaths of life escaped her lips.

The fierce scent of death lingered through the air as Megan wormed her way through the woods in an attempt to escape the horror surrounding her. Clothed in a gown of one of her victims kept her warm, but hunger had long set in and dehydration was an added peril.

A blanket-sized leaf snuggled Megan’s body as if she were a baby cradled in her mother’s arms. The aromatic sweetness of apple cinnamon tea steamed from a cup and creamy porridge filled a mud bowl. Using both hands, Megan hungrily scooped the porridge into her mouth, and without breathing, downed the tea until the cup was empty.

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